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13.03.2015 18.03.2015



The RIC is a biennial festival of the stage arts whose artists are persons with disabilities. It is not just a diverse programme of performances from countries from afar. Above all it is a global concept that considers “the production”, the performance itself, as a stage in a process that encompasses different essential parameters: the ability to create and the pleasure of the performers, the individual approach of the organizer, the philosophy of the company, etc.

This is the reason why we insist that the Rencontres Internationales du Créahm offers tangible exchanges: workshops, round tables, meetings with and between companies and festive evening events.

Through its project on an international scale, the RIC aims to:

• Call out to the whole audience and the cultural operators on the artistic quality of the production, on the diversity of the approaches integrating disabled artists, and so take part in changing opinion.
• Create strong encounters between the invited companies through a global and innovative concept of the festival.
• Propose a local opportunity for the Créahm artists to thrive and nurture themselves on new experiences.
• Expand an international network, to establish links of solidarity and support each partner in their approach and in their convictions, and so become a player in a continual civil process of education, both for the general public and for persons with a disability.

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