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From September to May, the Créahm opens its doors for matinées so that its work can be discovered by schoolchildren, students and associations.

The Créahm offers lively and dynamic encounters that bring about interactive reflections through recreational, interesting and educational meetings, and which, as a result, create an opening up of the view of the world.

Dates for the Matinées are proposed at the beginning of the school year. These encounters with dance, music, theatre and improvisation are the opportunity to talk with the actors, dancers, musicians, artists, workshop leaders and trainers. An invitation to share a “Meal in the Dark” with Blind Challenges blind and partially sighted people and the “Museum at School” with the Madmusée completes this educational event.
The purpose of these unusual and tasty encounters is to make the public aware of the difference through art and culture and to let them know of the extraordinary creative abilities of the people with mental disabilities who attend the workshops.

The proposed dates are listed in a brochure published each year and distributed to educational centres and associations on request.

Infos 'Les matinées du Créahm': 04 228 77 03