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Workshop open from Monday to Wednesday from 9.30 am to 3.00 pm and Thursdays from 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm.

The structure of the workshop allows us to alternate the stages of technical development, research work and creative work, or work running the shows. It is especially essential in this discipline to regularly return to the basics of the theatrical act. Regular and necessary work allows, depending on the pathway of the participants, their skills to be developed, maintained or intensified. A few examples: relating to articulation, vocabulary, syntax and memory, as well as the use of the stage space. This technical experience is then used for work on alienation, improvisation, and intention.

In the long run, the objective is to make the actors responsible for their choices and so expand their own theatrical language, the role of the workshop leader being to give them the maximum number of tools for developing their own research. The theatre workshop is a continual search for innovative experiences, encounters, and enriching exchanges. This has been the initiative of the monthly Mercredis d’Impro (Improv Wednesdays) for more than 12 years.

Workshop leader: Alain Winand