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Workshop open from Monday to Thursday from 9.30 am to 3.00 pm.

The main objective of the plastic arts workshop has remained unchanged over the years: to develop the creativity of the people welcomed to the workshop and to increase their personal experience.

A central theme of the work consists in respecting the individual pathway and to promote positive development through stimulation, trying new approaches or even making completely new experiences a reality. The association’s original project, the workshop has gradually found its haven of peace.

The sensation is very special when you enter the workshop. It is a shared world which brings together several layers and separate personalities. Although the basic techniques remain drawing, painting, sculpture and graphics, it is no surprise to see new experiments emerging from this lively and creative world, such as mosaics, textiles or even collages. The projects are always the visible face of a substantial amount of work carried out beforehand. The pleasure, recognition and feeling of worth stored up during public events must always be recreated within the formative process of the workshop. Collective approaches are a complement to the individual projects.

Workshop leaders:
Patrick Marczewski
Berga Fournier
Gentiane Angeli